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So why such public and moral pressure behind it? Even just finding a girlfriend is hard these days, let alone someone to breastfeed you. Parental characteristics and partner choice:

Fetish women useing breastpumps
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Zei, G. Personality and Individual Differences, 33, Breastfeeding is no longer just a way to feed a baby; it is a moral marker that distinguishes us from them —good parents from bad. In these circles, breastfeeding is also an indicator of financial or professional success—only mothers who have the luxury of time or job flexibility can breastfeed long enough to claim the full health benefits.

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Our mandatory breast-feeding fetish: Race, class, big business and the new politics of motherhood

Bookmark the permalink. One of the most popular electric pumps in the US, manufactured by the Swiss company Medela, is called the Pump in Style. New York: Its plum brown awning greets customers and passers-by with a friendly, if pointed, message: They breastfeed because it promises to produce children who are healthier, more secure, and smarter.

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Fetish women useing breastpumps
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Fetish women useing breastpumps
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Fetish women useing breastpumps

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